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Tabs at on iPhone don't work

posted Aug 21, 2015, 5:27 AM by Info@ HelpAsNeeded
Tabs at on iPhone don't work

Tabs are not windows / pics worth a thousand words

Using Chrome and other browsers on a desktop PC, tabs appear at the top of the screen above the address bar. Users can move between tabs using the mouse or Ctrl + Tab (see picture Chrome.W7.Tabs.png):

Using Chrome on iOS, tabs do not appear (see Chrome.iOS.HAsN.png):

... UNLESS the user is at, in which case four tabs -- for Google+, Gmail, Calendar, and Web -- appear below the address bar (see Chrome.iOS.Gmail.png):

Though a window may have a tab, a tab is not a window (young people may not understand this :). Unfortunately, the menu on Chrome for iOS offers users the opportunity to create a "new tab" when it really means to offer the opportunity to create a "window" (see Chrome.iOS.HAsN.Menu.png):

Until recently, using Chrome on iOS at, we were able to select one of those four tabs to move between Google apps (windows) but no more -- when we click on the tabs nothing happens.

Are you having this trouble? What problems are you having?